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Feed Your Soul Positivity and Love: My Top App Picks

Right now, using social media and technology has become even more part of our daily routine than it was before.  It is the new normal for now and some how keeps us connected to those we normally surround ourselves with.  Do what you can to make the most of your social media and technology by using apps that are feeding your soul and mind with positivity and love.  This is the time to bring that level of positivity up so we can continue to stay healthy and motivated.  I do love me my Instagram, but I did not add that in as that is already a given.
Uno: My Fitness Pal App/Blog
This app is really useful for a variety of reasons.  It provides you with new tools to working out whether it be at home or outside.  There are new fun healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that spice things up!  It has been interesting for me to read more about macro and micro nutrients and see what is most beneficial for me as an athlete. Personally, it is important that I find ways to max…

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