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The opening night of Miami City Ballet's 30th Anniversary is just around the corner!  We head to the Adrienne Arsht Center tomorrow evening to begin preparations for our performances this weekend!  I will be performing in George Balanchine's Swan Lake and am really looking forward to it.  The link to casting is below. 
Since I last posted, rehearsals for Tharp's In the Upper Room and Taylor's Sunset have taken place.  It is thrilling to have the chance to learn Ballet Woman in Tharp's In the Upper Room.  I spent a good chunk of time watching rehearsals for it while working in school at Boston Ballet.  The piece showcases modern and ballet in a way that brings the two worlds together.
Taylor's Sunset is also another amazing piece of work.   This piece comes across quite sad but, also displays happiness.  It depicts soldiers and their loved ones before going off to war.  It was great to work on it with Kate Johnson who was in the original Taylor cast.  Kate helped me work on the fashionable and sophisticated woman who flirts with the soldiers but, is quite picky.  I posted a link below discussing the piece more.

Recently I was asked to be a yearly contributor/writer for 4dancers.org.  I will write four articles a year discussing the season with Miami City Ballet along with past and present experiences.  The first article was published today and I am excited to share it with you!

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