Recently, MCB traveled to Paris, France. The tour brought nine dancers from the Company to perform along-side Pacific Northwest Ballet and Perm Opera Ballet as part of the Les Etes de la danse (summer dance festival).  The festival was located on the outskirts of Paris in Boulogne-Billancourt.  It was a seven day journey through Paris with classes and performances that began on Wednesday and ended on Sunday.  Performances included Robbins' "Other Dances" and "In the Night."  Both of these pieces were recently part of our Jerome Robbins Centennial Celebration in Miami.  This was a continuation of that Centennial.  It truly expanded my knowledge by allowing me to see into the lives of many other dancers that share our same art form.  This universal art-form continues to amaze me. 
I had the chance to sit in on a performance of Dances at a Gathering, which MCB will perform in Program II.  It was the first time I could watch this incredible Jerome Robbins piece live.  The company began work on the piece here in MIA two weeks ago and will revisit it for Program II in January. 
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