MCBS Mentorship Program 2018-19

This past year, I was given the chance to develop an idea that I became very passionate about. Along with the help of the Miami City Ballet School, the MCBS Mentorship Program Series became a reality.  The program was developed for the Pre-Professional Division of the school. For me, I was so honored and humbled to be given the chance to develop things to a level that would help students.  I learned so much about myself through the students and now all I want to do is help the next generation in any way I can.  When you think you have learned it all, you learn something else!

During the year, there were 10 Mentor Series set up for students.  Each series addressed a different prominent topic.  Interactively we discussed professionalism, company life, student life, the unknowns of dance, auditioning, rejection, and several other topics.  I wanted the students to feel free to share and find solutions.  Read the Facebook post linked below for more information on what we covered throughout the year during our 10 series.

Link: Mentorship Program Post


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