Ab and Low Back Video Demo

This is my most important cross training series.  The routine covers core and low back in about 12-15 minutes.  With help, I have modified and advanced the series over the last year to make it work for me.  It most importantly focuses on strengthening low core muscles while protecting the low back.  You can think of your core like a tight protective wrap embracing your stomach.  It protects you from injury and maintains balance and posture.  At all times, while laying on your back, keep a flat stomach and ribs down and in.  Try to envision your little low back muscles kicking in without arching or tucking.  You should be slightly flatter than you would be if you were in neutral. Personally, I have had a lot of PT help with these exercise so please check with your pt or docs before doing anything! They are only suggestions and ideas for you during the this time where many are exploring technology and different styles of cross training. 

  1. Laying down flat, knees pulled up, and feet flat on floor.  Lift right leg to table top and bring back down to original position. Repeat switching each leg until you hit 10. (Marching)
  2. Begin in original position and open right leg then left leg out to the side. One at a time and keeping each hip level and square as leg opens front and come back in. Repeat 10 times. (Clam shell laying flat)
  3. Now repeat exercise 1, but add an extension of the leg to the front before bringing back into table top and down to flat on floor.  Repeat 10 times. (Marching with extension front)
  4. Table top -- extend opposite arm and leg, switch for a total of 30 coming back to table top and resetting in between each set.  Keep ribs zipped and stomach flat.  (water bug, include 2lb weight in each hand)
  5. Table top -- hold weight straight above head. Extend arms over head to the back and come back to straight.  Legs stay strong in table top and ribs stay down as arms move. 10 sets (arm reaches) You can repeat this exercise with the arms going out to the side as well.  Hips stay on floor.  If this is not possible you can put feet back to original position with feet on floor.
  6. Setting up on both hands and knees, extend each opposite arm and leg to a plane level.  The arm should go out straight and the leg as well.  Switch 30 times being sure to keep level and stomach pulled in.  No arch in back. 
  7. Laying on stomach with legs straight facing floor. Begin tucking right toes under and straightening hamstring to its fullest.  Be sure hamstring is turned in and turned on.  When doing the right, the left side of the back should initiate first when attempting this. Repeat this to other side until you have done 4 on each side holding for 10 seconds each.  

  1. Push ups - hands below shoulders slightly and heels together in a frog position.  10 push ups in this position.  The goal of this is to keep your body as straight as you can.  This acts as a strengthening exercise for jumps.  All core focused.   
  2.  Plank series - 3 minutes long. Includes side planks and flat plant


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