Be. Here. Now

Be. Here. Now.  My present mantra. Why? It grounds me, calms me, and resets me.  It reminds me to accept the present situation and learn to adapt to it for the time I need to.  Learn what I can and remind myself that we will come out the other side strong and whole.

As hard as it can be to not worry, it is important to focus on the present rather than dwelling on yesterday or next week.  Below I share my four main objectives that are incorporated into my day, especially right now.  

TRUST - Trust yourself and your actions. Know that you are doing what you can physically and mentally to stay grounded and in one piece. 
FOCUS - Remain as focused as possibly on your current and future goals whether you feel stuck in a bubble or not.  The more focus you have now, the easier it will be later.
OBSERVE - Observe how others are taking this circumstance on and learn from it.  Be open to new perspectives and new visuals of life.
CONTROL - Remember what you do and do not have control of at this time.  We must do our best to work on ourselves and learn to self-reflect.  List out what you have control of and push yourself to be better at those things.

 It is important to be your biggest fan and always allow yourself the support and tlc that you need.

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