Cross Training from Home

These are tough times! Literally, all our gyms and fitness centers are forced to close due to the Corona virus. The first thing we think is, "how the heck can I stay in shape?" As an athlete, it can be very difficult to cross train from home.  In fact, I would say cross training from home is definitely one of the hardest challenges we might face. It comes with motivation, commitment, and emotional strength.  Since the reason for being home in the first place is disappointing, it can be hard to get up and move and that is completely understandable! But, you have to do it! I am going to be the one that tells you, you have to get up and do your thing otherwise you will regret it later on.  Dancer or non-dancer!
Today, there are so many resources out there! I have included some of my favorite in my the left panel for you all to explore.  I found, the older I get, the easier it is to maintain strength if I maintain a certain level of exercise every day. It can be more difficult for your body to bounce back if you stop and start too much.  I recommend keeping your routine the best you can so that your body does not go into a state of shock. It is vital to keep your sleep routine too!  Waking up and ending the day the same as if you were going and coming from work. I would like to share with you my cross training routine from home!  Mediation, swimming, walking, Pilates, in home cardio, and ballet are all part of my routine.  Since yesterday, I have been limited because the pool closed which was disappointing, but understandable.

Next post: Tomorrow I will cover my favorite ab and low back exercises that are incorporated into my daily routine.


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