Stay Motivated - Follow Along!

It is just about that time where our motivation to keep moving is getting a little bit harder, but I assure you that if you keep going and keep pushing, it will be that much easier on the other side.  Remember you are not the only one fighting to keep in shape.  We are all in this together!


It is times like these that we must work with what we've got!
Circumstances are challenging us to work with what we have at home.  My Fiance, Ryan, has helped me create an at home studio so I can work out and take ballet classes.  I made a short few video of some "at home" pointe exercises for those of you with limited space.  Follow along with me as I take you through some simple strengthening movements to get yourself back in those shoes!   It is nothing fancy and remember we are all working with the items we have.

Also, for those interested in some helpful theraband exercises: I came across this article from Pointe Magazine back in the early 2000s that my mom saved for me.  I have been using it ever since and highly recommend.  These are also easy to do at home especially during this time.  Clearly, it has moved with me everywhere, hence, the tear in the paper! Again, these are all just suggestions based solely on what has worked for me and my body!


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