Why I am here

I have learned so much over the last six months and I want to share it all with you.  My blog is going through a major update. It will be more informative and helpful, packed with resources and all my written articles. My goal is to connect with more audiences and followers.  My passion is to career guide and mentor students of the next generation.  This is of vital importance to me.  I wish I had more career mentoring when I was younger, and so it is my turn to do things differently.
Something I have learned again and again over the several years is that you can continue to grow when it is not expected.  The willingness to survive and take risks is crucial in our dance world and in any professional world.  My path to Miami City Ballet was drawn from a willingness to take risks and to overcome failure along the way.  I hope you join in and follow the rest of my journey.

Daniel Azoulay


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