Feed Your Soul Positivity and Love: My Top App Picks

Right now, using social media and technology has become even more part of our daily routine than it was before.  It is the new normal for now and some how keeps us connected to those we normally surround ourselves with.  Do what you can to make the most of your social media and technology by using apps that are feeding your soul and mind with positivity and love.  This is the time to bring that level of positivity up so we can continue to stay healthy and motivated.  I do love me my Instagram, but I did not add that in as that is already a given.


Uno: My Fitness Pal App/Blog

This app is really useful for a variety of reasons.  It provides you with new tools to working out whether it be at home or outside.  There are new fun healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that spice things up!  It has been interesting for me to read more about macro and micro nutrients and see what is most beneficial for me as an athlete. Personally, it is important that I find ways to maximize proteins throughout the day. This has really helped me! Read links below for example blog posts and some new recipes to try out while at home.  Since we are talking about keeping our immune systems up, I have included their list of 7 drinks to support immune health in addition to what foods are being projected to hit popularity in 2020.  Hope you find some interesting reads! My next post will feature "What 30 grams of protien looks like at breakfast."

Dos: Buddhify - On-the-go

This is my favorite meditation app. I admit, I have been using this since late Spring 2016.  It has come and gone from my normal routine over the years, but now I have rekindled my love for it.  It offers meditation a little differently.  When it comes to our meditation routine it is important to find an app or in-person class that helps you find your best self.  All practices are different and unique and with so many options out there, there is a chance to pick something that fits just right for your mind. I like this particular one because the options are appropriate and fit into my everyday routine.  Sometimes, I need a meditation just for driving, taking a work break, or falling asleep and this gives me that choice.  It also offers longer mediations for moments where you just need to mediate to stay on your track or sort different feelings that you find are difficult to talk out. Try it out! You have time! If you are really on a mediation kick, check out simple habit too.  

Tres: Castbox
You probably already know about this one. Castbox is an app that features multiple genres of podcasts ranging from news, sports, lifestyle, fashion, and crime.  The Castbox website not only provides you with tons of audio, but also you can search for current top podcasts on their podcasts blog.  The blog gives you insight into each podcast whether it be nutrition, birds, comedy, boxing, travel, or anything in between.  Some podcasts I have listened to include The Daily, Diana, Stuff you should know, Get Psyched For Sports, I Spy, (catching up on) Conversations on Dance, and Office Ladies.  With the time I have now, I have started to subscribe to other podcasts and will update you as I go.  Explore their site to see what else they offer! You might even start a podcast yourself or try out their livecast feature if your curious and want to join others in real time chat. Check it out.

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