Life is truly a debut!  Hello, my name is Samantha Hope Galler. 
Photo by Jason Ashwood
I am close to calling myself a southern because I have been living in the south for so long, but at heart, I am a Bostonian.  I moved to Miami in 2014 to join Miami City Ballet and am now a Soloist with the Company.  Before moving, I spent five seasons with the Alabama Ballet and one season with the Cincinnati Ballet.  Ballet became my main focus at age nine and from then on, I dedicated every minute to becoming a professional in this beautiful art form.  In 2015, I graduated from University of Phoenix with my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in Communications. So, when I am not rehearsing or performing, I am blogging, writing, traveling, or doing everything I can to be outdoors! 
Please follow me as I share my daily life and routine and provide you with my favorite resources that help me thrive and stay involved in the dance world.  It has been a wild ride and it is time for me to put it all out there.  Feel free to reach out with any dance or career mentoring questions you might haveI am here to help!

Please visit my full website: www.samanthagaller.com
and follow for more behind the scenes: @samantha.galler


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